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Student Participants

The first year class is divided into two sections, generally directed by Shai Shaham or Leslie Vosshall. Peter Model will join the discussions as his schedule allows and will cover when either Leslie or Shai are absent. In some cases, guest faculty will be invited to help out with certain papers.

North Group (Leslie Vosshall/Peter Model)

Adam Knepp
Akinori Ebihara
Amanda Kohler
Anna Kruyer
Chiung-Ying Chang
Christine Cho
Daria Zamolodchikov
Eric Fritz
Harvir Singh
Hirofumi Nakayama
Hyeseung Lee
Jennifer Zuckerman
Jia Min Loo
John Xue
Joseph Luna

South Group (Shai Shaham)

Kavita Rangan
Kiri Mackersey
Lisa Fish
Maria Maldonado
Matthew Holt
Neel Shah
Nicholas Degner
Nicole Bowles
Pablo Polosecki
Peter Insley
Shaheen Kabir
Siddarth Venkatesh
Sook Yuin Jessica Ho
Teresa Davoli
Zeeshan Ozair

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