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Behavioral Neuroscience Course Description

The course emphasizes the principles of behavioral neuroscience, stressing the methods and rationales used to acquire information and reach conclusions about brain mechanisms underlying behavior. Subjects to be covered include: the study of behavior in invertebrate systems; the study of biological clocks and important aspects of behavior in higher vertebrates; brain mechanisms of fear and anxiety; the behavioral and physiological adaptations to stress; sexual behavior and sexual differentiation of brain and behavior; regulation of food intake and body weight.

Course organization: There will be a lecture outline and reading for each lecture, and students will make presentations during the week following the lecture on each major topic. Each student will be required to write a short, critical review of a topic in behavioral neuroscience in the form of a research proposal. The paper will be due by the end of the term, and will count heavily in the evaluation of the student's success in the course.

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